John Crump Studentship

In memory of Professor John Crump, who was a Past-President of BAJS, and Senior Editor of Japan Forum.

The Association is pleased to be able to offer financial support for postgraduate research students who are enrolled in a UK university research degree programme in Japanese Studies to assist during the final stages of the writing up period and up to the submission date of their Ph.Ds.


(December 2020)

Dear Student,

BAJS understands that Covid-19 might have had a profound impact on your studies and work during the past year, and it is still not over. During the last Council Meeting we have decided that you can apply for additional funding if your studies have been disrupted and your submission deadline had to be extended because of Covid-19 - even if you have already received the full 1-year John Crump Studentship (and would therefore not be able to ask for more funding in normal times). Please note that this is not an automatic process, you will have to apply following the usual guidelines for the John Crump Studentship, and the BAJS Council will give priority to students who have not yet applied or applied for the full sum available to them. We will also need a letter from your supervisor, explaining how Covid-19 has disrupted your work. However, we will do our best to support you.

If you have any question on the above, please write to us at [email protected]

All the best,

The BAJS Council


Application criteria:

  • You must be a postgraduate student registered at a UK university.
  • You must be in the final stages of writing up your PhD dissertation.
  • You must be a member of BAJS when you apply.

Application procedure:

  • Application for the John Crump Studentship is twofold and requires students to submit their application form via the online application form. Please note that you can apply only if you are a BAJS member, so you will need to be logged into you BAJS member's account on the site to access it.
  • Once you have submitted your application online, you will be sent an acknowledgement email with a unique application reference number.
  • Your Ph.D. Supervisor is also required to submit a reference. References should be sent to [email protected] and include 1) a confirmation of your Ph.D. start date and precise date of submission, b) an honest assessment of your performance, and c) a clear explanation of the level of financial hardship you will incur up until your Viva.
  • Please note, it is your responsibility to make sure that BAJS receives both your online application form and your Ph.D. supervisor’s reference by the deadline.
  • The application deadlines are 30 April (for the period July-December) and 31 October (for the period January-June).
  • Please also note that BAJS will prioritise students who have received smaller amount of funding during their Ph.Ds.



  • The maximum individual yearly award is £2,400, but smaller amounts may be awarded.
  • Successful applicants will be notified in June (for April applications) or January (for October applications). 
  • Successful applicants will be expected to submit an article for consideration by the BAJS journal Japan Forum within twelve months of completing their doctoral thesis.
  • Successful applicants will be expected to acknowledge the support of BAJS in their dissertations.