About BAJS


The Association was formed in 1974, with the 'aim to encourage Japanese studies in the UK, in particular by stimulating teaching and research'. With this in mind, the Association's first Conference was convened in Cambridge at Easter 1975, and following that the BAJS Conference was an annual event.

From 2010, the BAJS Conference has been held on a tri-annual basis, alternating with the European Association for Japanese Studies and the Joint East Asian Studies Conferences, with an annual workshop held during the other two years.

Membership and Council

The Association admits individuals supporting its aims, and has a membership of over three hundred. It is administered by a Council, which is elected at the BAJS Conference. It is funded by an annual subscription from the membership, and all activities (including the Conference) are self-financing.

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Emeritus Fellows

Emeritus Fellows of the British Association for Japanese Studies are individuals who, over many years, have made exceptional contributions to Japanese Studies in the UK, or Anglo-Japanese relations.


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Funding and Prizes

The Association seeks to recognize exceptional academic contributions through the administration of prizes, encourage postgraduate students and emerging academics through funding awards, and to assist members' development through the sponsorship of advanced research projects.

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The Association's Council keeps abreast of opinion on the development of and activity within Japanese Studies and to represent members' opinions to outside bodies.