Ivan Morris Memorial Prize

BAJS has administered the Ivan Morris Memorial Prize since 1979. This annual prize is awarded in commemoration of the late Professor Ivan Morris to a student submitting an outstanding piece of work in the field of Japanese Studies. Professor Ivan Morris was a many-sided author and teacher in the field of Japanese Studies. See below for an indication of the range of his writings.

In memory of the late Professor Ivan Morris, a sum of up to £400 is available as Prize money.

The competition is open to any student (undergraduate or postgraduate) who would like to present for consideration an extended essay, thesis or dissertation in the field of Japanese Studies. The text should be typewritten, and ideally should not exceed 20,000 words. It is particularly hoped that thesis for Master's degrees and final year dissertations will be entered for the competition.

The submitted work should be no more than eighteen months old at the closing date, and must submitted to BAJS ([email protected]) as an electronic (pdf) version only, accompanied by a nominee's / supervisor's letter of support.

The Competition is open to all, but announcement of the competition is circulated to BAJS members, and Japanese Studies Centres in the UK, in the hope that those who supervise undergraduate and postgraduate studies of Japan will actively recommend students who have produced excellent pieces of work to submit that work for consideration.

The total number of entries per institution is generally restricted to a maximum of 3 (three).

The deadline for submission of entries to the current competition is: 31 July 2017.

Writings of Professor Ivan Morris

Nationalism and the Right Wing in Japan: A Study of Postwar Trends, London, OUP (RIIA), 1960 (edited)

Japan, 1931-45: Militarism, Fascism, Japanism?, 1963 (edited)

The World of the Shining Prince: Court Life in Ancient Japan, 1964 (edited)

Pillow Talk of Sei Shonagon, 1967

The Pillow-Book Puzzles, 1969 (edited)

The Tale of Genji Scroll, 1971

Dictionary of Selected Forms in Classical Japanese Literature, 1966

Modern Japanese Stories, 1961 (edited)

Ihara Saikaku, Life of an Amorous Woman, 1964

Translated novels by Mishima Yukio, Ooka and Osaragi Jiro