Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation


The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is a UK charity, established in 1988 with a generous benefaction from Daiwa Securities Co Ltd. The Foundation’s purpose is to support closer links between Britain and Japan.

Daiwa Foundation Japan House, the London-based headquarters, acts as a centre for UK-Japan relations in Britain by offering a wide programme of seminars, exhibitions and book launches as well as meeting rooms for Japan-related activities and facilities for visiting academics.

Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation


The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation was established as a result of a visit to London in 1983 by the late Ryoichi Sasakawa. The Foundation’s aim is to develop good relations between the United Kingdom and Japan by advancing the education of the people of both nations in each other’s culture, society and achievements.

Japan Foundation


Financed by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Japan Foundation is Japan’s principal organisation for promoting international cultural exchange and is the only Japanese organization engaged in international cultural exchange in every region of the world. The Japan Foundation contributes to world peace by promoting dialogue and interaction between Japanese and other peoples through the medium of culture. Its headquarters is in Tokyo with a branch office in Kyoto and two Japanese language institutes in Urawa and Kansai. In addition, there are 22 overseas offices in 20 countries, with the UK office located in London.