Japan Society Publications: Call for Proposals 2016

18th Mar 2016

The Japan Society has long engaged in the publication of books which further the UK-Japan relationship and / or the understanding of Japan in the UK. These have included works produced or commissioned by the Society, as well as those which have been initiated by others and published under the Japan Society imprint.

As a general rule, the Japan Society aims to issue one publication each year and is now inviting proposals for future projects. We welcome proposals for books of any genre, including, but not limited to, academic works, guides, children’s books and translations of works in Japanese. The only criteria are that proposed publications should further the aims of the Japan Society as set out on the ‘About’ page of our website, should represent quality in their field, and must be of interest to more than specialist scholars.

All expressions of interest will be considered by the Publications Committee in April each year, and those selected will then be presented to the Board for final approval.

How to apply

Please complete this application form and email to [email protected] by 1 April 2016.

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