Stitching Time: The Forms, Functions and Fascinations of ‘Cosplay’ Fandom

18th Mar 2017

Guest of Honour: Helen McCarthy
Key Speakers: Prof. Mari Kotani, Prof. Renato Rivera Rusca and Prof. William Reed

This conference invites presentations, and papers for publication from scholars and students on issues relating to cosplay fandom – history, popular practice and connections to fandom in general. We especially welcome presentations from those who practice the craft in a practical way, as the centrepiece of the conference will be the work of Kofu’s ‘Handmade Samurai Project’, in which local crafters have sought no traditional ways to supply sufficient suits of armour for the massive, annual Kofu Takeda Family Festival.

However, though this conference is rooted in a ‘Japanese’ setting, as well as what is perceived as part of Japanese popular culture we invite contributions from all perspectives and from all corners of the globe, for it is clear that the bounds of this fandom go deeper and broader than many in the community might admit.

Topics of Special Interest:

  • Cosplay History, Worldwide.
  • Cosplay Morality and cultural Sharing
  • Fan Pathology and creativity
  • Social Movements in Cosplay Communities
  • Cosplay as an extension of other
  • Fandoms and/or media.

Attendance is free, to both participating presenters and general audience members. Conference proceedings will be published by the YGU press in the months following the conference.
For more information, or to register interest, please contact the iCLA at: [email protected]

Deadline for Abstract submissions: 30 January 2017

Event date: 18 March 2017

Deadline for finalized paper submissions for publication: 1 May 2017

Location: Yamanashi Gakuin University, International College of Liberal Arts, Kofu City

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