• BAJS Workshop 2017 ‘Meiji Japan in Global History’

    The workshop will begin with the idea that ‘Meiji’ signifies a moment of global connectivity and asks how this twenty-first century starting point stimulates new questions and offers ways to re-conceptualize Japanese engagement with the late nineteenth century/early twentieth century world. Moreover, it asks what obstacles remain—including the nation-state itself and the imperialism in which its formation was embedded—and how they might help us distinguish our views from those our sources provide.

  • Ecologies of Knowledge and Practice - Japanese Studies and the Environmental Humanities

    How does research on Japan inform ecological practice that is pertinent beyond the framework of area studies, and vice versa? If we were to place nature at the core of our studies of human activities, what new kinds of interdisciplinarity and knowledge would be possible, and how would we reorganize our academic disciplines? This workshop invites individual papers from UK-based Postgraduates and Early Career Researchers within the Humanities for an inter-disciplinary discussion with guidance from established scholars and practitioners.

  • Japan in the Digital Age

  • 40 Years with Murakami Haruki

    2018 marks the fortieth year since Japanese author Murakami Haruki first decided to write a novel while watching a game of baseball (or so the story goes). Coinciding with this anniversary, The School of Modern Languages, Newcastle University (UK) is hosting an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded project on Murakami.

  • BAJS Annual Conference 2018: Crisis? What Crisis? Continuity, and Change in Japan

    Panel and paper proposals on any topic related to Japan are welcome from scholars working in all disciplines. However, we specifically invite proposals that explore the following themes in both historical and contemporary contexts