Conference Support

Conference-related Financial Support for Postgraduate Research Students is available from BAJS. This is intended to make a contribution to travel, registration or accommodation costs where other support is unavailable.

Application criteria:

  • Restricted to postgraduate students registered at a UK HEI on doctoral or post-doctoral programmes.
  • Students and Applicants (Supervisors) must both be members of BAJS.
  • Students must be presenting at the conference for which support is requested.
  • The student presentation must be in broadly defined Japanese Studies.
  • Individual applications limited to £400 for conferences outside the UK, and £250 for conferences within the UK.
  • Applications should be made by the student's supervisor, via the online application form, at least one month prior to the event. Retrospective applications will not be considered.
  • If the application is approved, photocopies of event details and receipts will be required for audit purposes.
  • Applications will be considered by a sub-comittee of BAJS Council and the decision notified to the student's supervisor.