Stream G

Japanese studies and the public

G1. Telling your research story - communication and collaboration outside of academia

Friday, 7th September, 13:30 - 15:10

Anna Vainio, University of Sheffield, Carolin Becke, University of Sheffield

Throughout this 1 1/2 hour open discussion, we would like to to come together and discuss issues around 'telling your research story'. In an increasingly complex world research will play an important role in making sense of our quickly changing realities, and we would like to engage in an informal discussion around ideas of how we can communicate our research better and enable it to have more social impact - particulalry with a focus outside of academia. What is the responsibility toward accessibility of our research? Should collaborations be just something extra, or one of our core activities? How do we ensure quality of research outside of academic boundaries?

This session invites conference participants to share and hear stories on both past, on-going, and imagined collaborations and communications outside of the academia. The session will open with two short presentations, the first by Carolin Becke on working with television in Japan on her research on kimono fashion, followed by Anna Vainio's experiences on collaborating with a visual artist on illustrating the process and results of her research on the 3/11 disaster. The format of the discussion is unstructured and we would like to hear many different voices on the variety of ways in which our research can be made accessible and to what degree.